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IGL Detailer Bag

The IGL Coatings Detailer Bag is the perfect companion for busy detailers around the world. Its 2 tiered compartment system conveniently separates the pads and coatings from the bulky polishers and cleaning materials. The top tier features 2 mesh pockets which allow easy compartmentalising with high visibility and breathability. The lower tier feature elastic mesh pockets on each side to hold up to 10 units of the IGL Coatings 500ml product range. The height of the Detailer Bag is customised perfectly for the bottles and trigger sprayers to ensure a perfect fit. The ample roomy space allows to keep your favorite polishers and tools. It's high quality fabric and lining is specifically chosen to resist wear and tear. The entire bag is well padded to protect the products while in use. The Detailer Bag is designed to be hardy and strong, while being stylish and durable at the same time. Its cushioned handles allow easy grip for extended use while the bottoms are padded with rubber feet for additional grip, prevents slips and increase the lifespan on the bag. It's available in the iconic IGL green and black.

Size: 9x13x18 inch

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What to Expect?


Made with high quality, water resistant and durable fabrics to reduce the wear and tear, well padded on all sides for extra protection.


Separated into two main layers, keeping it more organized and accessible with flexible mesh pockets for holding items in place.


It's great height and size is optimised to hold up to 10 full sized products bottles. The wide body fits up to 2 polishers and cords, with room to spare.


The detailing bag is padded all round with a thick single walled foam to protect its contents against external damage and temperature fluctuations.

Product Data

Size : The bag measures 9″x13″x18″
Weight : Withstands up to 20kg weight
Material : Durable high quality fabric