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Sustainable Award-Winning Nanotechnology Solutions

IGL Coatings is the top High Growth Manufacturing-Tech company in Malaysia.
Known for its award-winning achievements in sustainable nanotechnology, IGL Coatings continues to change the ceramic coating industry by creating innovative, sustainable, low and zero VOC ceramic coatings. Pioneering the 10H ceramic coating with Ecocoat Kenzo, they continue to push industry standards with their continued innovation and passion for amazing products.



IGL Coatings offers nano-tech ceramic coatings for your car. When applied, these coatings protect your paint, leaving a glossy, easy-to-clean finish.



IGL Coatings marine ceramic coating is specifically designed for boats and vessels. The marine coatings makes cleaning easier and preserves your boat against harsh saltwater and UV rays.



IGL Coatings goes beyond cars and boats with industrial-grade solutions. Their advanced coatings protect equipment and structures from corrosion, chemicals, and wear, saving you time and money on maintenance.



Chris Seaton - There is nothing like the Kenzo Glow. Everytime you think that you can’t be more impressed with it, when its done, my mind is blown away with how it looks and how it reacts!
Charles Galipeau - It’s not easy to be Competitive Mode all the time. I love the Family Mindset at IGL. Working with IGL is pretty easy. I have all the support and everytime I need to know something, someone is ready to help me out!
Daniel Lewin - People in IGL are fantastic and what you get with IGL is that personal touch. It’s fantastic. My favourite product is Ecoshine Compound F1 and by far its one of the greatest products and many people will recommend it!
Benn Smith - The support from IGL Coatings is fantastic! I’ve been happy with the products since day one and its great to be apart of the brand, the products and the people!
Lin Chia Wei - There is simply no other product like Ecocoat Kenzo. Nothing can beat it and I’ve tried many! It’s very special with its self cleaning effect and application process.
Doctor Detail NY - I love that you guys are eco-friendly! I was shown Kenzo coating, signed on immediately and we’ve been rocking it since!
GreenTree Auto Detailing - We started IGL Coatings in November 2020 and that’s when our business took off once we started our ceramic coatings installations. We’ve expanded into a new facility since and its just been great!
Zack Zimmerman - Fantastic! Everything is user friendly. And I know that if there’s anything I want to coat, I know IGL Coatings has my back for user friendly, great performing products.


IGL Coatings is one of the most trusted brands in the ceramic coating industry. Nano-tech and Graphene-tech Verified, our ISO 9001:2015 certification ensures unmatched quality and customer trust.

Join the No.1 brand that leads the industry with cutting-edge advancements and growth. Get the greener detailing experience in innovation, technology and sustainability. It’s time for exceptional results and growth with IGL Coatings.



IGL Coatings, a trusted industry leader, has been featured internationally by Forbes, The Financial Times, Coatings World (and more!) including peer reviewed coating journals for our innovation, high growth and global impact.

Find out more about how IGL Coatings is leading the industry and how you can be part of our phenomenal growth!