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Kevin Cox
Oregon, USA

Best gloss and longevity out of any coating I've used. The gloss is unreal. I don't use anything else now and I have used and tried about every silica based coating on the market and by far the best one there is. Great products, amazing people and an amazing company. Don't second guess, just make the plunge and go with IGL Coatings.

Chris Griner
Arizona, USA

I felt like wasn't making any money because it always going out the door on product. I eventually contacted IGL & started selling it at my shop and took a paycheck soon after! We had our best month mostly due to the launch of marine coatings. We went from 12-15k a month in sales to 43k last month selling marine and other IGL Coatings!

Markus Parsley
Kentucky, USA

Prepare to re-align your thought processes when using IGL Eclipse. Once you start slinging it and actually seeing what it can do for you, you will wonder how you ever got along without it.

I assure you all that it is extremely user friendly.

Broche Juan Broche
Florida, USA

Awesome company! Awesome service! Love the customer service and amazing products with real results.

Eric Siciliano
Massachusetts, USA

IGL Coatings product really seem to be above all others. Thank you and I will be using your products from now on.

Kamakanani O’Keanuenue
Hawaii, USA

Been about a week since I applied Ecocoat Quartz and since then had some tree sap, and dust build up on my FRS and today I said lets see these beads lol and wow! I can’t believe what I was seeing nothing was stuck on the paint and I took out my blower and easily easily blew all the water off!


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