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Our Mission Is The Enviroment And Your Health

Our Mission Is The Enviroment And Your Health

Be The Change

IGL Coatings has an inclusive approach towards environmental conservation, the health and safety of the employees, customers, suppliers and community well-being. It embodies the spirit of sustainability laid out by The United Nation’s Sustainability Goals which drives us to undertake various initiatives to protect and nurture our circle of influence. IGL is constantly evolving and improving to meet the strategic demands of the business, industry, society, and the planet.

How Are We Practicing Responsible Chemistry?
Agile adaptation of our production processes

The consumption of natural resources are increasing globally and showing no signs of slowing down. IGL is constantly adapting their production process to ensure constant drive for promoting environmental awareness through our supply chain.

Product Development Using Plant Derived System

In line with our environment-centric products, we are always improving and developing new products using plant derived systems that are sustainable and free from competing with food supply.

Low Impact Chemicals

Our R&D team are constantly researching on renewable materials, formulations and methodologies such as replacing finite resources and phasing out restricted substances to reduce environmental impact.

Circularity Contribution

This is an ongoing process whereby we contribute where we can. The transition requires IGL to step back and take a look at the entire product value chain from reusing resources, reducing waste, and work towards a circular economy.