Ecocoat Poly

Ecocoat Poly is the best easy to apply ceramic coating solution for your vehicle.

Our REACH compliant, high solid formula is synthesized with a proprietary blend of modified active material, carrier, and nanotechnology, with sustainable ingredients. Experience extraordinary gloss and highly-reflective finish that lasts up to one year, all while being resistant to harsh chemicals, micro-marring, and dullness.

Easy-to- apply, easy-to-maintain, Poly is the perfect choice beginners, professionals and master installers. The best easy to apply ceramic coating! Get that durable protection that you need at an affordable rate!

Want to know how simple and straightforward the application process of Ecocoat Poly is? Check out Mike Phillips review of the F Series abrasive system and Ecocoat Poly on a 1937 Ford Roadster Street Rod.

“Ecocoat Poly is a really nice ceramic coating. It has a 4-5 minute flash time and this is perfect for anyone that’s new to ceramic coatings but it’s also convenient for seasoned professionals too as you have plenty of time to wipe the just-coated panel to remove any high spots.”

The best way  to maintain your ceramic coating starts with selecting a great ceramic coating like Ecocoat Poly. For the perfect maintenance programme, add on Ecoclean Wash for that safe ph cleaning, AIO Spray for easy maintenance and of course dedicated cleaners like water spot removers, stain removers and more! Here’s a step by step guide on maintaining a ceramic coating. 

Benefits of Ecocoat Poly:

  • 8H Ceramic coating
  • Easy, smooth and consistent application
  • Great for DIY and Beginners
  • 1 year protection
  • Excellent Gloss
  • Water contact angle > 105°
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Matte & Gloss Paintwork Safe ✓
  • PPF & Vinyl Safe ✓
  • Surface: All paintwork surfaces
30ML Kit, 50ML Kit & 100ML Kit


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  • Durability
  • Gloss
  • Hydrophobicity
  • Hardness
  • Self Cleaning
  • Slick


  • Polydimethylsiloxane
  • Aluminium chelate compound




70% active material content and 30% solvent creating a thick film build


Crosslinks and full cures to hardness of up to 8H (pencil scale)


Surface stays clean for a longer period thanks to the self-cleaning effect


Creates a smooth coated surface to reduce micro marring


Improved formulation to increase the resistance of water spotting on coated vehicles


Water contact angle that surpasses 105° and retaining close to this angle for a long period


"Total money maker with a crazy gloss! 😳😳😳"

This is my favourite coating! Simple one step and 12,000 mile coating!
Steve Persia

Blackwood, New Jersey

"Gotta love that Poly Shine"

Guys, this first tier coating out shines, performs and protects better then most companies high tier coatings!! The application is the quickest and easiest install I've had out of any coatings I've used. If you're not using poly more, your losing the ability to give a killer coating for an affordable cost!"
Christian Soto, Dedicated Detailing

Goshen, Indiana

"Buckle up, folks, because I'm about to spill the beans on this underrated ceramic "

coating! It's like giving your car a superhero suit. For REAL! I applied it, and suddenly, my car was repelling dirt and water like a champ. Raindrops slid off my hood like they were late for a meeting. Bugs tried to stick around but got the boot! My car is basically invincible now. I half-expect it to start talking to me, offering to run errands. So if you want your car to feel like a Marvel superhero, get Poly – it's the secret sauce for your ride's awesomeness!
Kevin Drake

Pensacola, Florida

"Rock Star Status!"

"IGL Coatings Ecocoat Poly Paint Protection is an absolute Rock Star!"
Mike Phillips