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IGL Travel Kit

IGL Travel kit is all that you need for simple, grab and go use. Perfect size, Travel-friendly, high-quality kit, and easy to store in your vehicle.

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What to Expect?


Made with high quality, water resistant and durable fabrics to reduce the wear and tear, well padded on all sides for extra protection.


IGL Travel kits are perfect for the glove box or the trunk, perfect size for when you are traveling


All you need in one kit, for a simple, easy help for maintenance on the go.

Product Data

1x Ecoclean Interior 100ML  
1x Ecoclean Glass+ 100ML    
1x Ecoshine Dash 100ML      
1x Ecoclean Air  
1x Ecoshine Tyre  
1x Ecoclean Wash  
1x IGL Microfier Towel