Ecocoat Armor

Ecocoat Armor is a premium, extra tough, long-lasting surface protective coating.

Reinforced with graphene nanotubes, Armor adds extra durability to your surfaces. Protecting it from everyday wear and tear. Built for the toughest situations, the highly flexible Ecocoat Armor resists UV, corrosion, impact, abrasion, chemical attacks, weathering, mechanical damage and so much more.

Ecocoat Armor is  a solution  to extend the life of surfaces, making surfaces more impact resistant and scratch resistant.

Armor makes surfaces last longer. Protecting against UV, abrasion, impact and mechanical damage, surfaces have a longer lease. Armor outperforms its competitors, and with a greener edge.

Armor holds up exceptionally well against chemicals and was tested to be safe with the IGL range of series. It’s waterproof, anti-slip abilities gives it that extra grip. Especially wet or is near or above water applications. A true long-lasting surface protective coating.

Formulated with less harmful ingredients, the easy to use and apply Ecocoat Armor is suitable for all projects both big and small.

It’s strong yet luxurious finish creates boundless opportunities for home and industrial use, suitable as a all surface protector for furnitures, decks, fences, lawnmowers, shelving, machineries, vehicles and more.

It has excellent adhesion on a wide range of substrates including cement, concrete, wood, metals and painted surfaces.

Ecocoat Armor is part of the Industrial Solutions Series by IGL Coatings. The Industrial Solutions Series  feature award winning anti-corrosion solutions system, IGL Aegis, and a whole range of solutions for high performing industries. Perfect cost effective solutions for businesses and industries.

Reach out to us or our country representatives to find out more about Ecocoat Armor and our other solutions today.


  • Steel safe: ✔
  • Concrete safe: ✔
  • Surface: Good adhesion on a wide range of substrates such as cement, concrete, wood, metals, and painted surfaces


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