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Jenko Mix

Paintwork Safe: ✔
Metal and Glass Safe: 
PPF & Vinyl Safe: ✔
Plastics Safe: ✔
Surface: All exterior surfaces

Jen's Knock-Out K.O. Mix works on almost every surface to clean, shine and protect your prized possessions. The Jen K.O. Mix, formulated by Jennifer Turcotte, works quickly to remove stains and impurities while protecting it to give that showroom shine. Quick and easy to use, the Jen K.O. Mix makes everyday detailing a breeze.

Areas of Application : Windows, wheels, exhaust, door jams, emblems, interior tint, paints, plastics, rubber, vinyl wraps, matte paints and engines.


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What to Expect?

User Friendly

Mix, Shake, Spray and wipe off!

Surface Friendly

Can be used on plastics, metals, glass, paint and more!

Increased Hydrophobics

Protects and increases the hydrophobics and beading of the surface.

Cleans Stubborn Stains

Works to remove stubborn stains after a wash.

Removes Waterspots Easily

Cleans and removes waterspots easily

Product Data

Ecoshine Enhancer : 100ml x 2
Ecoclean Delete : 100ml x 2
Ecoclean Wash : 100ml x 1
Empty bottle with customise spray trigger : 500ml x 1
IGL Microfiber cloth :  x 1