Ecoclean Jen K.O.

Give your car a fresh look with Ecoclean Jen K.O., the best quick detailer that effortlessly removes light water spots, leaving your vehicle with a stunning showroom shine.

Created by top detailer Jennifer Turcotte, this ready-to-use quick detailer and showroom prep solution works quickly on various surfaces like windows, wheels, exhaust, door jams, emblems, and more.

Our special formula not only cleans and adds shine but also protects your car. You can use it on windows, wheels, exhausts, door jams, emblems, interior tint, paints, plastics, rubber, vinyl wraps, matte paints, and engines.

First as the JenKo Mix, Jen K.O. is an instant hit prompting a ready to use version. A fabulous handy multipurpose solution.  Which cleans and removes light to medium water spots and enhances hydrophobicity in just ONE easy application! Not only does it provide protection and the desired showroom shine, Ecoclean Jen K.O. is great as a waterless wash.

See the difference with Ecoclean Jen K.O., the top choice for an easy and effective way to keep your car looking great. Why wait? Try it today and find out why it’s one of the best exterior quick detailers out there.

Why should you use our ready-to-use Ecoclean Jen K.O.?

  1. It’s READY TO USE –  Just pop it open and start using it!
  2. Removes light to medium water spots easily – Remove those dirty-looking watermarks, ’cause your vehicle deserves to be spotless!
  3. Cleans stubborn stains after a wash – Extra clean and fresh
  4. Increases the hydrophobicity and beadings of the surface.
  5. Versatile on plastics, metals, glass, vinyl, paint, and more.
  6. User-friendly and easy to use –  Spray on and wipe off!
  7. Can be used as a waterless wash as well!

Benefits of Ecoclean Jen K.O.:

  • safe on ceramic coatings
  • versatile and can be used on a variety of surfaces
  • gentle ready to use formula
  • removes light waterspots
  • cleans and removes light stains
  • creates hydrophobic surface
  • great shine and gloss
  • easy to use.

Areas of application:

  • windows, wheels, exhaust, door jambs, emblems, interior tint, paints, motorcycles, boats, RVs, airplanes, matte & vinyl wraps, engines.

How To Use:

  • spray on
  • wipe off using a microfiber cloth –
  • do not let dry onto the surface.
  • Paintwork Safe ✓
  • Metal and Glass Safe ✓
  • PPF & Vinyl Safe ✓
  • Plastics Safe ✓
  • Ceramic Coating Safe ✓
  • Surface: All exterior surfaces
100ml, 500ml & 5L


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  • Water
  • Polydimethylsiloxane
  • Hydrofluoric Acid
    Cleaning agent
  • Fluorosilicic Acid
    Cleaning agent
  • Sulphuric Acid
    Cleaning agent
  • Fragrance




Can be used on plastics, metals, glass, paint and more!


Spray and wipe off!


Protects and increases the hydrophobics and beading of the surface


Works to remove stubborn stains after a wash


Cleans and removes light waterspots easily


Protects the exterior surface and also works as a quick maintenance agent.


"This stuff is legit! 💯"

Definitely love Jen K.O.. Perfection!
Knight in Shining Armor Paint Correction & Detailing

Ohio, USA

"Maybe my favourite product."

Jen K.O. is my favourite, pinky swear.
Tony Caruso, Never Satisfied Detailing

Pennsylvania, USA

"Only the best stuff for our shop!"

Love this stuff! It really works as advertised 🙌🙌
TMCustoms, Taylor Made Detailing

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

"Best product in the game!"

All in one bottle! No more stains and waterspotting, only slick and gloss that remains.
Jake Greene, Detailing HQ LLC

Aspen, Colorado, USA

"It's gonna be good we knew it!"

We will try it very soon 😎 Looking forward to it!
IGL Coatings Costa RIca

Costa Rica