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Ceramic Coating For All Environment

Improves surface strength

Protects the ceramic coated surface from degradation while preserving the results of a perfect paint correction. The ceramic coating increases the surface's resistance against scratches, marring and dullness.

Easy to Apply

The formulation of our ceramic coating is based on a low volatile, slow flash off formula. This unique formulation allows the ceramic coating to crosslink at a slower rate, reducing the risk of premature curing of the ceramic coating.

Glass Like Finish

Our ceramic coating is formulated with a high solid formulation of the purest raw material creating a layer of glass-like coating on the surface resulting in a stunning gloss finish.

REACH Compliant

Following REACH (EU) there is zero usage of all 172 banned hazardous substances.

Self cleaning effect

The hydrophobic properties last up to 12 months creating a surface that makes it much easier to clean and maintain.

Safer for User & environment

There is no foul odour as it's carrier is a harmless mixture of non-carcinogenic low volatile solvent synthesised using nanotechnology.

Ceramic Coating Improves Resistance Against

Acid rain
Bird droppings
Temperature cycles
Brake dust
Industrial fallout
Insect Acid
Micro marring
Mineral deposits
Road grit, salt, traffic film & tar
Sunshine & UV

QUV Weathering Test