The Essentials

Introducing the newest addition to our award winning Ecocoat series – Essentials!

This collection features a greener, bare version of our ceramic coatings with no need for application cloths, sponges, or gloves. With 10 different options, including the popular ceramic coatings for paint Kenzo, Quartz+, Quartz, Poly, Elixir and EZ. Find  the perfect coating for every part of your vehicle, from PPF,  wheels, plastics, headlights to leather interiors.

Plus, our 2 system coatings like Kenzo K1, Quartz+, and Window are available in a convenient 200ml size for easy application. Upgrade your car’s protection with the Eco-friendly and easy-to-use Essentials.

As businesses grow, the number of vehicles needed to be coated increases too. When this happen, the IGL detailers are buying Precoat, Premier, the coating removal towels in bulk and larger size to get better savings. However, the coatings stayed in its current smaller bottle form.“And because of this, we introduced Essentials” shares Keong in his opening note of the launch.

In addition to introducing bigger sizes, Essentials sees the return of the original Kenzo formula and EZ Spray.

The original formula, or also known as Kenzo K1 is an Essentials exclusive. Kenzo Master Detailers can look forward to their favourite 10H ceramic coating! 

EZ spray also makes its long awaited debut. Each individual kit comes with 3 spray heads best suited for spray application with Ecocoat EZ! Its formula receives a slight upgrade, improving its spraying application processes.

According to Keong Chun Chieh, CEO of IGL Coatings, “Essentials brings added value, product and efficiency. Especially the IGL Family who are doing so much more!”

More importantly, especially in this economy, detailers are looking for the best value to their business. Essentials brings added value, product and efficiency. Less wastage, higher value, better margins are what successful businesses are looking for.

For further information on the availability of the entire range of IGL Essentials, reach out to IGL Coatings at [email protected] or your local IGL representative.


100ML Kit & 200ML Kit


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Light, larger in size. Kenzo, Quartz+, and Window are available in a 200ml size.


No extras, just the coatings, reserved for professional detailers of IGL.


"Essentials Generates x10 Revenue"

We have about 12 vehicles a day requiring ceramic coatings. The larger size is more cost efficient with a higher margin.
Greater Good's Detailing & Spa

"Big is always Better"

Love its size. Fits my hands better! Love that Kenzo K1 back too. It's one of my favourites.
Gareth Bates